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Billing Management

Billing Management Has Never Been Easier

Pelcro’s billing solutions facilitate the way for your business to create, structure, customize, design, edit, and control the entire billing process from A to Z. You are given complete autonomy over a wide variety of recurrent pricing models that vary from simple flat-fee based models to way more complex revenue models that can be customized based on your preference of segmentation. In short, Pelcro offers you a customizable and adjustable recurring billing product that you will have full control over, allowing you to create invoices, check customer balances, issue refunds, manage taxation and so much more.

Create Invoices
Check Customer Balances
Issue Refunds
Manage Taxation
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Recurring Billing Solutions Tailored for the Benefit of Your Business

Automate and customize the whole billing process of all your products and services with just a click of a button.


How It Works

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Creating Invoices

Invoices are statements that define the amounts due by the customer as a result of a purchase for your product or service offerings. Depending on how the invoice is generated, it can be one-time or recurring. With Pelcro’s user-friendly interface you can create, view, action, and export invoices with just a simple click of a button. Moreover, you will also have the ability to check the customer details, the status of the invoice, collection date, and method of payment as well as a long list of choices you’ll be given every time you choose to create an invoice.


Customer Balance

Each customer can attach one or multiple payment methods to their account, meaning that each of your customers has the option to safely link their debit or credit card for future recurring payments and invoices. Offline payment entry is also a valid option within the platform and it is mainly specified for when the customer prefers to pay in cash or write in a certified cheque that will not be processed and automatically verified within the platform.

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Issuing Refunds

You can refund charges made to a customer's credit card or their offline payment, either in whole or in part. Refunds can be made directly to successful payments or by canceling a subscription and refunding the prorated amount. It typically takes 1-3 business days for a refund to be reflected on a customer's credit card. The wait time on offline payments is dependent on the business's process.

Manage Taxation

Partnering with Pelcro makes it easier to calculate, collect and pay all the mandated taxes, taking the nuisance off of you for tax calculation, management, and reporting.

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Metrics That Matter.


85% Increase in



64% Decrease in customer support tickets


30% Increase in subscriptions


150x Increase in gross revenue

“Our subscriptions have increased by around ~25% since implementation and they’ve been more than willing to work with us on unique ideas and minor custom implementations - Quite customizable aesthetically.”

“We chose Pelcro because they appeared to do everything we wanted to do and they did it in a way we were completely happy with while being less expensive than competing platforms in the market.”

"Our partnership with Pelcro has seamlessly allowed us to evolve our digital business model. The Pelcro team has been incredibly responsive and has both the business and technical capabilities to radically modernize the distribution model for our brands."

Jordan L.

Director of Digital Strategy

Need this!!!!!!!!!

Tom Laidlaw

Chief Digital Officer


Andrew Olsen


Times Review Media Group


Automate your subscription billing

Our mission is to provide you with all of the tools and expertise to manage your members and drive recurring revenue effectively.

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