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You're in good company!

Learn how Pelcro has helped companies increase recurring revenue, user engagement, and more.

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"Pelcro has been awesome. They are super responsive. They have made changes we needed and they have solved every problem we have come up with."


- James Green, the Chief Revenue Officer at Newsweek

Newsweek has been Bringing high-quality journalism to more than 46 million unique readers around the globe for over 80 years."

After integrating Pelcro's metered paywall into their platform, Newsweek realized that the simplification of their payment process for readers allowed the publication to be more creative with their offers.
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A uniquely American newspaper, S&S operates under the U.S.Department of Defense and has been sending reporters to cover every major military conflict since 1942.

Stars and Stripes decided to change their subscription management software to Pelcro in August 2019. Since making the change, Stars and Stripes has seen a 203% increase in subscriptions with an average monthly increase of 17%, while churn decreased from 10% to 3% within the first ten months.

"Since our adoption of the Pelcro system, we have seen a significant increase in our subscription rates."


- Chris Verigan, Director of Engagement at Stars and Stripes
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"Pelcro is a game-changer in this industry. They’re challenging decades-old models and bringing technology to the forefront."


- Edouard Jordan, Manager of Technology & Innovation at MishMash Media

L'actualité is the only public affairs magazine in Quebec and one of the major French-language publications in the world.

Pelcro provided L’actualité with a back-end system that combined data about its subscription service, email newsletter service, and customer account details under one platform. Since switching over to Pelcro's paywall in April 2019, L’actualité has seen renewal rates increase by 87% with the introduction of autorenewals, while overall revenue has risen by 13% within the six months.
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​Times Review Media Group’s mission is to serve the communities where they live and work – providing quality news coverage and lifestyle features for valued readers.

Using custom API’s, Pelcro integrated with Olive for the E-reader and Newzware for the print edition. After one month, The Suffolk Times, the Times Review Media Group's flagship publication saw revenue increase by 8.5 times.

"Our overall experience has been exceptional. Our relationship with Pelcro was a game-changer as we position our brands for the future."

- Andrew Olsen, President/Owner of the Times Review Media Group

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